Trekking Ha Giang Vietnam

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Trekking Ha Giang Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular destination for adventure travellers. With all its beautiful sceneries and places to see, Vietnam basically offers a wide choice of adventure activities from all over the place. Visiting Vietnam, particularly northern Vietnam is not complete without getting to visit and explore the beautiful Ha Giang province which is among the most visited destination therein.

Situated 400 kilometres north of Hanoi, Vietnam, Ha Giang is indeed a must see destination and among the fantastic location for best trekking northern Vietnam.

Ha Giang trekking base

Nonetheless, for whatever reasons you have for visiting such wonderful place, your will surely enjoy touring the whole province of Ha Giang thus making your trip worthwhile. All the while such experience can be very memorable, tours beyond the city can also offer you a world of amazing adventures. When trekking Ha Giang, you will discover spectacular caves, golden temples in mountains, fertile forest trekking trails, thundering waterfalls, luxuriant valleys which are filled of so many plants and flowers, and many colorful birds. All these and more are what you can actually explore at Ha Giang by foot, through river raft, or even by riding an elephant.

Discovering and exploring isolated and daring trekking trails in Ha Giang can be totally full of fun but may seem a little difficult, since some of the paths are slanting and there would be times that you need to walk up by the hill.

And since this place in Ha Giang has many types of greeneries, you will likely find long stretched vegetation and trees which you will not generally find in other places. So if you are planning to experience the best trekking northern Vietnam, particularly in Ha Giang make sure to wear strong durable shoes to keep your feet safe and less tiring. Also, bring with you the necessary pain killers in case you’ll have headaches and body aches.

Ha Giang trekking tours

These package features many different experiences such as visiting remote hill tribe villages, checking out lively local market, interacting with local hill tribe in some remote areas, waterfall and swimming.