Cycling Ha Giang Vietnam

Cycling Ha Giang Vietnam is the best way to discover the remote Vietnam. Check out our best collection of Ha Giang cycling tours to discover the unseen Vietnam. There are new Ha Giang bike tours, budget bicycle tours Ha Giang, and off the beaten path mountain biking Ha Giang Vietnam.

Ha Giang is a mountainous region, and is covered by forest with dense undergrowth and tumbling streams, waterfalls and pools. This unspoilt, sparsely populated region is home to a staggering variety of hilltribes, many of whom don't even communicate in the national language and who live by their traditional, subsistence farming ways.

Our Ha Giang cycling tours offer challenging cycling through a stunning unexplored area. From Vietnam's buzzing capital, Hanoi, we journey to the remote undiscovered Ha Giang region. We cycle through a topography of hilly hairpin bends, slopes, ridges, valleys and limestone karsts; the outstanding natural beauty will take your breath away.

The riding is some of the most amazing in South East Asia. Every day offers a different terrain, gradient, vista and climate as we climb and descent the various altitudes of the Ha Giang Plateau. This is a ride to remember and if the memory of burning leg muscles aren't enough to remember it by, then your amazing photographs almost certainly will be.

Ha Giang cycling trail

Most of the surfaces on this ride are paved. At times the pavement is not in good condition, with potholes and sections of gravel, but for the most part, it is quite a comfortable, smooth surface. You will enjoy Ha Giang bike tours greatly if you enjoy riding in the mountains.

Ha Giang cycling tours