Ha Giang Weather April

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April is the time when Vietnam enjoys the peak season from the weather perspective. The temperature in Ha Giang Vietnam continues to increase and therefore, it is the time when the place will be witnessing the heat of the sun. It has moved to the wet summer season where there is little rainfall and so the temperature remains warmer in Ha Giang and quite uncomfortable for the people. Towards the end of the month the rainfall can be expected. The average temperature in the month of April may reach to 24°C in Ha Giang province.

The visitors are very less in this month as it is clear and dry days. In the wet summer you can also expect to experience plenty of dry days and there will be no sign of rainfall. In Ha Giang Vietnam the weather conditions become excellent for the trekkers who love walking and exploring in the region of Ha Giang.

Ha Giang weather by month

Best time to visit Ha Giang

The best time to visit Ha Giang is around and after the Tet Holidays which happens from February to May. At this time, you can certainly get the complete flavor of the scenic beauty. The Ha Giang's scenery is quite pleasant and serene which relaxes your mind and soul. The magnificent mountain tops that are hidden behind the clouds and the fragrance of the wild peach flowers will influence and soothe your senses.

The weather during the Tet Holidays in Ha Giang Vietnam is found to be very comfortable that offers little rainfall and can experience the cool breeze. It is therefore advised that the travelers should carry raincoats and umbrellas while traveling in Ha Giang. There are many unique festivals found which is celebrated and New Year is the attractive festival happens during the time. You have the chance to know more about the culture that is popular in Ha Giang.

October is another ideal month to visit Ha Giang Vietnam. During this month, it is cool, dry, making your outdoor activities very comfortable. Cycling, trekking are best travel activities you should do in Ha Giang this time.