Ha Giang Food

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Glutinous rice cake

Thang Den is a popular dish in the province of Ha Giang. It looks like Banh troi in Hanoi, also made of glutinous rice flour. Flour will be kneaded into sphere shapes and boiled in a hot pot of water. This dish is served with sugar and ginger soup. Toppings combine with some sesame and peanuts. Suitable for cold nights in the winter.

Au Tau porridge

Wandering in the town of Ha Giang in the winter, you can easily find a small restaurant and taste the Au Tau porridge. This dish is a combination of deliciousness: the tasty scent of sticky rice mixed with glutinous rice harvested from golden terrace of Ha Giang; the nutty flavor of simmered water caltrop with pig’s trotters; and the taste of herbal leaves; and the moreish taste of ground meat. Au Tau porridge is available in Ha Giang all seasons however only sold in the evening.

Dried pork or buffalo meat

You can enjoy dried pork or buffalo meat in many places in Ha Giang. It is special food in the meals of Black Thai. This meat is usually made from muscle of buffaloes and cows freely on the northwest mountains. With the dried buffalo, the flavor of smoke is almost intact. This dish can be served with corn alcohol.

Steamed Rice Rolls

Steamed Rice Rolls is a dish from northern Vietnam. Banh cuon are made from rice flour batter, poured out on a flat plate and steamed then rolled up and stuffed with filling. But there is a special type of steamed rice rolls which has become a specialty of Ha Giang, a mountainous province in the northeast of the country: steamed rice rolls with egg. Weather in Ha Giang is cool all year round, so it is a nice treat for both locals and visitors when seeing vendors offering hot steamed rice rolls early in the morning when fog still hangs in the air.

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