Pho Bang Dong Van Ha Giang

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Ha Giang province is known its high karst plateau, steep hills, winding roads and ethnic diversity. In Dong Van district of Ha Giang province, there is a place of serenity where man is delicately balanced with nature. That is Pho Bang township.

Pho Bang, the home of Hoa and Mong ethnicities, was once the administrative-political-social capital of Dong Van distric. Since the administrative center was moved to the ancient quarter of Dong Van district, Pho Bang village has become calm and peaceful.

Pho Bang is hidden between the centuries-old limestone mountains. It is hard to imagine that this tiny town was once the capital of the entire region. Here, there are only two main streets and dozens of clay houses with tiled roofs and walls and doors decorated with ancient parallel sentences in Chinese.

Most local people are gardeners. Growing roses enables them to boost their income and improve their living standard. In the blossoming season, the village is transformed into a meadow of colorful roses.

Pho Bang’s tranquility is broken only once a week on market day when you can buy tools or food or just observe. Go to this small town to forget the troubles of your daily routine and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

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