Ha Giang Quan Ba

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Quan Ba is the first gateway district when coming Dong Van rock plateau. Quan Ba Ha Giang is famous for heaven gate, double stalactite, speciality corn wine, Hop Tien linen and Tam Son town where is known as the 2nd Sa Pa in the North of Viet Nam.

Quan Ba is located in the west – southwest of Dong Van rocky plateau, Ha Giang province. Topography mainly is mountainous rocky, its average elevation from 1000 – 1.200 meters above sea level. Quan Ba is situated in a temperate climate and divided into two seasons: Rainy and dry seasons. Average rain quantity about 1200mm/year.

Uniformly shaped hills of the valley are viewed from this summit. Quan Ba Pass provides views of Thach Nu Doi (literal meaning: double stalagmite, but also known as "Two Stone Breasts" in the valley below. The valley has forested hills and meadows, with temperatures ranging between 10 °C (50 °F) in winter and 24 °C (75 °F) in summer. Quan Ba Vietnam is known for its secret grottoes and caves, colourful orchids, plum and peach trees, persimmon orchards, medicinal plants and many more.

The Quan Ba district is home of 14 ethnic groups, consists of 12 communes. Of which, the H’Mong is the largest ethnic minority of fourteen Community in Quan Ba. Bo Y is the lowest ethnic group, only have 881 people main live in the region of Quyet Tien.