Ha Giang Meo Vac

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Meo Vac is a mountainous district of Ha Giang province. Meo Vac district is situated in the East of Ha Giang rocky Highland. Meo Vac shares borders with china in the North, Dong Van and Yen Minh in the West, Cao Bang in the South.

Meo Vac district consists of 18 communes and 1 town. Of which, 90% population of the district are the H'Mong people. The climate in Meo Vac is similar to that in Dong Van. Khau Vai love market in Meo vac attracted a lot of visitor within and outside country. This is a unique cultural activity of Ha Giang in particular and Viet Nam in general.

Travel to Meo Vac, you should plan two days at least for discovering the area. Meo Vac attractions include Meo Vac Sunday market, Khau Vai market, H'mong villages, beautiful hiking trails, Nho Que river, Heaven's gate...