Ha Giang Dong Van

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Ha Giang Dong Van offers beautiful day hikes, colorful ethnic markets, authentic hill tribe villages, karst mountains - An ideal place for challenging Ha Giang Dong Van trekking tour, mountain biking Dong Van Ha Giang.

Dong Van is considered as a sacred land that any Vietnamese would like to go at least once time in life. Ha Giang Dong Van is situated in the Northeast of Ha Giang province, covering most of the Ha Giang karst plateau geo park. Its average high is 1200 meters above sea level. It is 144 kilometer from Ha Giang province.

Dong Van district consists of two towns and eighteen communes including Dong Van, Pho Bang town, Ho Quang Phin, Lung Cu, Lung Phin, Lung Tao, Lung Thau, Ma Le, Pho Cao, Sa Phin, Pho La, Sang Tung, Sinh Lung, Sung La, Sung Trai, Ta Lung, Ta Phi, Thai Phin Tung, Van Chai.

There are 18 ethnic groups living in these area. Of which, H’Mong is the largest ethnic minority, account for 85 percent population of the district, remaining the ethnic of Kinh, Hoa, Lo Lo and other ethnic.

Dong Van is situated in a temperate climate, harsh relative and divided two seasons, namely, rainy season (from May to October), dry season (from November to April of next year). In the dry season usually has fog, salt dew, the weather is dry.