Ha Giang City

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Ha Giang is a city located on the banks of the Lo River in the north-east region of Vietnam. It is the capital of Ha Giang Province. The city has an area of 135.33 km² and a population of 71,689 inhabitants. The population is composed of 22 different ethnicities, of which 55.7% are Kinh and Tay people.

Up until the 19th century the settlement of Vi Xuyen, to the south of Ha Giang, was the principal market town in the area. Under the Nguyen dynasty the town of Hà Giang, in what is now the Trần Phú District, began to grow in size. In 1842 the town was included in the former Tuyen Quang Province. The town became an important French military outpost after 1886.

On August 12, 1991, The province of Ha Giang was re-established and separated from Tuyen Quang Province. When separated, Ha Giang Province contained 10 administrative units, and Ha Giang town became the provincial town of Ha Giang.

On September 27 of 2010, Ha Giang town was officially upgraded into a provincial city.

Ha Giang city has 5 wards and 3 communes including Trang Phu, Minh Khai, Nguyen Trai, Quang Trung, Ngoc Ha, Phuong Thien, Phuong Do, Ngoc Duong.