Ha Giang

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Ha Giang Map

Ha Giang is located in the northeast of Vietnam. Ha Giang province is bounded by Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai, and Yen Bai provinces and has common international border with China. Ha Giang has many high rocky mountains, limestone formations and springs; the important mountains are the Cam and Mo Neo. The major rivers of the region are the Lo River (Ha Giang town is located on its left bank) and Mien River.

Is Ha Giang worth a visit?

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Ha Giang Elevation

Ha Giang has many mountains, including the two highest peaks, namely, the Tay Con Linh (2419 m) and the Kieu Lieu Ti (2,402 metres (7,881 ft)) and forests that provide lumber. It has about 1000 species of herbal plants. Fauna include tigers, peafowl, pheasants, and pangolin. The town of Ha Giang was heavily damaged during the 1979 war with China.

Ha Giang Elevation

Ha Giang Climate

Climatically, it has two seasons, dry and monsoon, dependent on the altitude of the region. The two northern Indochinese climatic zones on the border influence the climate in that part of the province. The lower areas in the province comprise low hills, the Lo River Valley and the town of Ha Giang. In Cao Bo district, dry season lasts from mid-September until the end of May, and the balance period of the year is the rainy season. However, in Du Gia district the wet season sets in one month earlier. Ha Giang weather is a must-read page before your trip to Ha Giang.